nydata.dk is a Danish IT support company that offers you and your company advice on IT equipment, provides technical support for your current IT solutions and helps you solve occasional problems. With over 20 years of experience as an IT consultant, supporter and technician, the owner of nydata.dk – Per Stenholt Andersen - has attained broad professional and technical knowledge of Information Technology.

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My field of interest consists in planning, launching, optimizing and supporting IT systems on behalf of small and medium-sized companies. The hallmark of nydata.dk is an uncompromising attention to quality. My services aim at solving immediate IT problems and - especially - preventing future ones from arising. In short, nydata.dk seeks to boost your company's self-sufficiency IT-wise and so insists on providing long-term solutions that involve the least possible amount of supplementary check-ups. I achieve my results through effective communication and professional cooperation with individuals at all levels. Whether you represent a one-man firm, a small company or a medium-sized enterprise, the services of nydata.dk are custom-made and cost-effective.

An administrative background, an analytical mind and comprehensive IT skills makes me an efficient business partner who will offer your company well-tried, yet creative, solutions. Many problems can be prevented, and a thorough review of your IT system will make sure that your company is geared-up as well as fully protected.


My services include the installation of both hardware and software - i.e. desktops, laptops, servers, IP-phones, printers, networks, spam filters, operating systems, antivirus tools etc. I install programs, create back-ups, set up and edit websites, take on basic video editing assignments and unify communications across various digital platforms (e.g. cell phones, iPads, smartphones, tablets and notebooks). I readily take on the role of project manager, provide advice on equipment (e.g. analyzing contracts and liaising with current or potential suppliers), draw up instruction manuals, help in-house IT departments during peak periods, provide software training courses, set up emergency services, remote IT management and much, much more...

Give me a call and let me know what I can do for you.

No surprises - fixed hourly rates or offers on assignments.

If your assignment should fall beyond the scope of nydata.dk, I have an excellent professional network and will no doubt be able to direct you to the right people.


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2610 Rødovre
Telephone: 21 868 131
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